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Please complete this form to request the Support team send an email on your behalf. Please give at least two working days' notice.
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About sending your email
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We will contact you once your request is received to arrange for you to send the content plus any images. We will need this as soon as possible, preferably two working days before the email is sent. Please note we cannot send attachments.
Details of your email
NB to avoid your email being seen as spam, we recommend you do not use an individual person's email address. If you wish people to reply to your email, we recommend you include a link they can click on to reply directly.
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Promotional (telling people about events, training or opportunities)
Governance (relating to elections, AGM etc.)
Essential product update (telling people about security patch etc.)
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Who should receive the email?
Usually we can only send emails to people who have chosen to opt in (consent) to receiving emails from Cochrane. People manage their communication preferences in their Cochrane Account 
You can see a handy guide to the different audiences below.
Who should receive the email? (tick all that apply)
Core staff (approx 1800 people - anyone with a core group role and central team, 1400 of these are opted in)
Cochrane Supporters (approx 84,000)
Cochrane Members opted in (approx 9,000 people)
Cochrane Members incl those not opted in (approx 11,000)
People with a specific role / interest (please give details below)
People in a specific group / country etc (please give details below)
Other (please specify below)
Next steps: once you have submitted this request we will review the details and will get in touch with any queries and / or to ask for the content of the email.

The short video below gives a brief overview of our different mailing audiences.